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Bot does your traffic actually mean?

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Our whitelabeling goddess Branda is now free for all on, and find out what your WordPress traffic actually means.

But first...



Mi-grate Expectations

Although the word ‘migration’ can strike fear into even the noblest of hearts, moving from localhost to live server is easier than you think. 

Here are two easy-to-use (plugin) methods to help with your next local move.✌️



Bot Does Your Traffic Mean?

You did it! Your business is now online with a kickass website and a team of experts to help you manage it. 

The problem is, you don’t understand what your traffic reports are telling you, so how do you know if your website is actually kicking ass?

Here’s how to figure out what your WordPress traffic actually means.




Brand New [and Free] Branda

Exciting news! Branda, our WP white-labeling and rebranding goddess, has found herself a nice, comfy spot on

Meaning her whitelabeling wizardry is now free for all to enjoy!




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