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Content | Education
Five year old geography and GIS technology website generating revenue through multiple sources with 83% organic traffic.
Three things I love:
1.  $362 profit / month

2.  5 years old

3.  60,427 page views / month

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Advertising | General Knowledge
Passive revenue, evergreen, age calculator website with stellar traffic.
Three things I love:
1.  $523 profit / month

2.  120,576 unique visits / month

3.  92% organic search traffic

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Going for Gold: Valued over $100,000
eCommerce  |  Entertainment
High authority eCommerce site in the lucrative and popular Kpop niche. 57% organic traffic, 63k email list, 300k Instagram, and so much more.
Three things I love:
1. $6,661 profit / month
2. 377,568 page views / month
3. 45 SEMrush Authority Score

Reserve Price: $199,000

The Exit Podcast
Most Active Listings Last Week
Extensive Content Site
$19,933 Profit / Month  |  750,000 Unique Visits / Month
News Group & Mailing List Archive
$4,000 Profit / Month  |  4 million Page Views / Month  |  11 Years Old
Sports Education Company
$20,335 Profit / Month  |  200k Page Views / Month  | 3 Years Old
Pin, Medal, & Award eCommerce Business
$19,689 Profit / Month  |  17 Years Old
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